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Emmanuel/Community Labyrinth Committee, Eastsound, WA "In preparation for building a permanent labyrinth, Emmanuel Episcopal Parish on Orcas Island decided to install a temporary painted labyrinth on the lawn for use during the summer months. Our intention was to show how a labyrinth could be integrated into the church grounds. No one on the committee had ever attempted a project of this sort. Enter Laughing Flower Labyrinth Company and Myra Ryneheart. Myra's uncomplicated solutions and expertise in mapping out our 11 circuit Chartres labyrinth were invaluable. We could not have completed the project without her insight." - Nancy Ayer, Chair, Emmanuel/Community Labyrinth Committee, Eastsound, Orcas Island, WA. Read an article on about the labyrinth.
7 Circuit Chartres Labyrinth, Stillpoint at Beckside, Bellingham, WA "It is quite noticeable how, in the short few weeks since the completion of our beautiful labyrinth, we have grown in our appreciation of having this creation in our garden. I am continually aware of how just seeing the labyrinth moves me to an awareness of gratitude and connectedness with Life! When I walk the labyrinth I often feel a surge of internal freedom." - Linda Conroy, Stillpoint at Beckside Spiritual Retreat Center, Bellingham, WA
Santa Rosa Labyrinth Bellevue WA"Walking my labyrinth grounds me in a very real way to home – both in the physical and spiritual sense. It is where I go to re- connect with myself, with Divine Presence and with creation. When I step into the labyrinth I find it easier to quiet my mind, to breath more fully and to listen deeply to my soul. I am grateful to Myra for making this dream of mine a reality. Myra’s hands built the labyrinth yet it was her loving spirit that brought it to life!" - Mary Ellen Weber, Bellevue, WA, For more photos, visit our Facebook album.
"While helping to build the rock labyrinth, my role was just to lay rock after rock, filling in imaginary lines leading to the marks on a rope a few feet ahead of me. Myra had engineered the overall labyrinth design into that rope, but to me it looked like just a straight rope with intervals marked by tape. Cancer Center Labyrinth, Bellingham, WAIt was satisfying to handle and place each rock, leaving the decision of which rock to choose from the pile mostly to chance. As Myra added the turns and I continued to outline the circuits, the graceful labyrinth pattern emerged. The experience illustrated that little things which make up each day are forming a pattern for my life that might not be apparent until I step back and look it over. The labyrinth will be a nice way to pause and do just that." - Karen Ssebanakitta, Director of Whatcom Hospice and Peacehealth/St. Joseph Medical Center's Community Cancer Center, Bellingham, WA. To see more photos of the labyrinth before, during and after construction, please visit The Laughing Flower's Facebook album. Read an article about the labyrinth on
 "Thank you so much for partnering with me and St. John's Episcopal Church in the realization of a labyrinth in the front of the church. May you be blesed in providing such beautiful spaces to encounter God." Christine Merritt, Kirkland, WA. To see more photos of the labyrinth and its construction, visit our Facebook album or read this article on
Rock Labyrinth, Ferndale WA "Thank you for your teaching and sharing the blessing of the labyrinth as a tool for prayer at Zion Lutheran Church's prayer retreat. The Zion community continues to be blessed by its presence. You are a gracious teacher and wonderful partner in the ministry of the Gospel." - Pastor Lydia Wittman Grebe, Ferndale, WA
"Thank you for inviting me to "hold the people and place in prayer" yesterday during the 'Centering on Community Care' Labyrinth walk. It was a blessing to begin Holy Week in that form of meditation while centering myself in the care of community and with increased awareness of hunger in our world and neighborhood. As I walked the labyrinth, I lamented the pain and emptiness faced by so many people whose most basic needs go unmet daily and I grieved the oppressive systems that make equal food distribution impossible, or at least very challenging in present times. But I also gave thanks to be part of a community who truly does care and to be in the company of sisters (you!) who walk this earth each day with gentleness and courage, whose very presence inspires me to move forward. Thank you for being part of my journey! I am grateful for the wonderful ways you share your love and light in this world." - Pastor Lydia Wittman-Grebe, Zion Lutheran Church, Ferndale, WA

"I was very moved by the experience and to have the opportunity to offer prayers to those who would be receiving the essentials that were being gathered at the walk." - Rev. Bobbi Virta, United Church of Ferndale, UCC, UMC

"It was truly a blessing, and I am so grateful to have shared this wonderful experience with you and the larger community of caring people.  Myra, I am especially thankful for your generosity of spirit, talent and resources to make this event happen. I hope we can do it again next year. I heard nothing but positive feedback." -Debi Covert-Bowlds, Volunteer Event Coordinator. To see more photos of this labyrinth food drive event, visit our Facebook album. To read an article about the event, visit
Recycled Labyrinth Art for Art Auction"Meditation has become an important spiritual tool to me and creating my own backyard labyrinth was a dream come true. I am so grateful for Myra’s consulting on this project!” - Fredda Golden, Seattle, WA, Founder / PeaceTags,
"I just walked my personal labyrinth for the first time. I found a lot more clarity on a subject I've been pondering." BM, Point Roberts, WA
DIY Family Labyrinth, Bellingham, WA"A highlight of the summer for our family was building a labyrinth in our front yard. Myra Ryneheart of The Laughing Flower Labyrinth & Landscape Co. designed the labyrinth for us based on the Chartres labyrinth of France. After Myra laid out the bricks it became a family project! Matt (18) dug the trench, Mark (15) pulled out the grass, Luke (8) hauled the grass away, and I (Melanie/Mom) laid the bricks. Luke says, 'It was really fun to build it and it is cool to walk it!' Our labyrinth has created some interest in the neighborhood, and all are invited to walk. One day Mark called me at work and whispered into the phone, 'Mom, the postal carrier is walking the labyrinth!' Not only does the labyrinth provide walking meditation or prayer, but it is also a source of visual interest. During the fall, leaves fell on the bricks and stayed while the leaves in the grass blew away, and it looked like a labyrinth made of fall leaves! And when it snowed the same thing happened, snow stayed on the bricks while the snow on the grass melted away! Building our labyrinth helped to bring our family closer. Experiencing our labyrinth on a daily basis has brought an increase of peace and joy to our lives. Walking the labyrinth is a great way to continually reflect, release, and renew." - Melanie Springer, M.A., Positive Psychology Counselor,
“The power of this symbol works me every time I walk it and move from the material world, through the world of vision into the heart of stillness and back again. It reminds me of the importance of spending time in each of the worlds everyday. Further I sense that I serve our precious Mother Earth as I caress her skin with the soles of my feet and plant my prayers into the surface that support all life. I create a blessing as I am blessed.

“The process of building the triskele labyrinth with Myra was every bit as fine as the resulting product. As we placed and secured the stone to mark the paths we shared stories from our lives and our spiritual journeys. We planted tears, laughter, birth, death and transformation into the earth as we worked.”
–Angela Mercy, Bellingham, WA. To see photos of the construction of this labyrinth, visit our Facebook album. Read an article about the symbolism of the triple spiral and more on
"I can't thank you enough for your expertise, your generosity and your beautiful spirit." - Ricky Gregerson, Founding Director, Living Room at Twin Creeks, Enumclaw, WA. For photos of the installation of this labyrinth and the retreat center, visit our Facebook album. Read more about LRTC on
To read about this labyrinth at Rose Hill Meadows Park in Kirkland, WA, read this article or visit our Facebook album.
“the earth laughs in flowers” – ee cummings