about us


about Myra Ryneheart Corcorran:

I first saw labyrinth walking as a prayer practice on a DVD series and was intrigued by the pattern and that others were enjoying praying and walking at the same time. Soon after viewing the DVD, I was invited to walk a labyrinth at a Buddhist teacher's home near Mt. Baker, WA. My first walk was in 2005 with a group of women who were from many different faiths - Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and one agnostic. I entered my initial walk with a question and was blown away by my experience of the walk and the answer I received. I was also very excited that the labyrinth provided a way to journey and commune with people from many different faith backgrounds at the same time. I loved that we didn't have to believe exactly the same thing, but we could walk as one and all have spiritual or meditative experiences.

I commenced to read everything I could get my hands on about labyrinths and found that labyrinths had not only spiritual, but creative, celebratory and even corporate applications. I attended labyrinth facilitator and building training in 2008 and started my labyrinth business shortly after that.

Since that first labyrinth walk, I have created scores of labyrinths of many different designs (including one original triple spiral), and walked the labyrinth hundreds of times. It is easier for me to quiet my mind and hear the "still, small voice" of God on the labyrinth than anywhere else in the world. I also have more creative inspiration and easier problem solving abilities on the labyrinth. I am constantly amazed by the stories walkers share with me about the different positive effects walking the labyrinth has for them - that they are able to find a quiet peace, or an answer to a critical issue, or resolve a conflict, or finish a book or poem, or discover an insight. It is truly a watering hole for the mind, body and spirit for all people who are open to giving it a try.

Building labyrinths and leading labyrinth walks is a passion and a calling for me. It blends my love of caring for the earth with caring for the soul. There are plenty of expensive national labyrinth companies already, so I specialize in local, simple, natural materials and use of donated or reusable materials to keep costs and impact on the environment minimal. I especially enjoy problem-solving to help labyrinths fit the space and the available budget available, and creative-thinking to make labyrinths accessible and enjoyable for all ages, faiths or groups.

I have been joined in this labyrinth venture by my husband Peter Corcorran, who shares my love of labyrinth walking and contemplative prayer.

about Peter Corcorran: 

My early roots were in California. San Francisco suburbia to be precise. About halfway through high school I became interested in a simpler life. I started imagining a life closer to the earth, but I wasn’t sure what form that would take. In 1975, not 3 months out of high school, I moved north and have never turned back. First to Oregon, then to Washington, and by 1976 I was living in British Columbia, Canada. In 1978 my wanderings led me into a new vocation in agriculture. I milked dairy cattle for 3 years before enrolling in an Agriculture program at Northern Lights college, in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Following college, I moved back to the States and settled on a small farm in Whatcom County. I have worked for years in a corporate setting, but my true vocation is in working on the land, especially our small farm in Blaine, WA.

My spiritual life has been a long search for meaning and understanding, a labyrinthine path in itself. In 2009 my interest in Christian Meditation caused me to pick up a book by James Finlay entitled Christian Meditation. That was the beginning of my Christian contemplative practice, a personal journey into silence. One thing led to another and I soon landed at Stillpoint Spirituality Center, northeast of Bellingham, in 2010. This is where I first encountered walking labyrinths. Since that time, my love for labyrinths has deepened year-by-year.

Myra and I were married in 2013 and labyrinths are now an integral part of my life as well. We walk them, we build them, and we visit them whenever and wherever we can; my special interest is visiting new labyrinths when we're traveling. I love visiting a new labyrinth and am constantly amazed by their creative expressions – outwardly and inwardly.

combined professional certifications and qualifications

  • Global Labyrinth Society Regional Representative Coordinator
  • Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator with labyrinth building training from Robert Ferre
  • Member of The Labyrinth Society, Northwest Regional Labyrinth Facilitators, Labyrinth Network Northwest, Western Washington Labyrinth Network and the Wisdom Circle, Stillpoint at Beckside Spirituality Center
  • Graduate of United Way of America's Fundraising Training, Western Washington University's Leadership in Business Certificate Program, and the Grantmanship Center's Strategic Fundraising and Grantwriting Programs
  • BA in Philosophy with Minor in Religion, The University of the South
  • Former Board President and Board Member, Project Labyrinth of Bellingham
  • Chair of Labyrinth Ministry Team, Christ Lutheran Church, Ferndale, WA
  • Extensive nonprofit work experience and volunteer service with community organizations and churches